People Development

Henry Ford allegedly once said:

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.

We believe that employee development promotes engagement, employee satisfaction, and leads to higher productivity.

Each year, more than 95% of our employees participate in at least one external educational program. We average 50 hours of overall training per employee per year. Our strong on-boarding and mentoring program smooths the transition and represents the first step in an employee’s career at Medis.

Connecting with our values and culture provides a strong base to build individualized training and development programmes. Through development and succession planning we cultivate healthy and strong leadership.

Our managers are ambitious, result-driven and people-oriented individuals who seek direct feedback from their team during the annual interviews. With regular surveys (e.g. work satisfaction and engagement surveys, corporate communication surveys), we gain a comprehensive insight into teams. This helps managers and their teams to grow both personally and professionally.

Working at Medis

Transparent communication

More than 88% of our employees support our information flow system, in which our managers are the main source of information. We nurture transparency in many forms, most commonly through regular meetings, intranet articles and internal newsletters.

We listen to good ideas

All ideas are important, even small ones. They can become important, perhaps even crucial, with input from other sources. Therefore, it is important for ideas to be written down, seen and commented on by as many staff members as possible. With our own brainstorming idea app, we systematically process every idea submitted and, at the end of the year, reward the best ones.

Healthy lifestyles

We promote a healthy lifestyle. Employees get subsidized fitness centre memberships and we reward participation in amateur sport competitions (running, hiking, cycling, skiing, etc.).

We believe that a healthy lifestyle improves not only physical but also psychological well-being. We emphasize the importance of both at our annual team-building meetings, which include an enjoyable blend of educational and recreational activities. Connecting with our co-workers is a vital part of our success.

Everyone at Medis keeps an open mind and can contribute to a common goal. I could not have found a better place to start my career. Nika Čermak Human Resources Generalist - Psychologist

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