Sustainability and the Environment

We take care to contribute to a regenerative and healthy environment:

  • We consistently recycle waste and prohibit the use of single-use plastic in our offices.
  • We drink tap water and refrain from using bottled water wherever possible.
  • At least once a year, all employees help to clean up the environment in Slovenia’s annual environmental drive.
  • We handle packaging waste responsibly and reuse cardboard boxes.
  • Our open-plan offices are bright and airy, filled with green plants.
  • We invest in sustainable materials like wood and glass, and strive for longevity in our office furnishings.
  • Most of our promotional materials are either digital or intended for extended use.
  • We also have a system for paperless invoice processing and insist on other paperless applications.

The Living Garden

We care about the environment and actively work to protect it. We have accordingly joined this universal and strategic project driven by the primary vision of environmental protection. This project saw Medis as the first company in Slovenia to install bird-nesting boxes on our warehouse’s roof and elsewhere in the immediate vicinity, as well as to plant shrubs and trees on our premises.

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Helping the Bees

To help bees and other pollinating insects thrive in our environment, we have planted many flowering shrubs and we invested in a large, bee-friendly meadow that is mowed only twice a year.

It is a fact that the environment we live in, both socially and in the workplace, has a huge impact on our emotions, health, and well-being. Medis provides our employees with a psychologically healthy working environment, which on the one hand allows everyone to develop their potential and on the other hand increases the organization’s productivity.Mojca FišerAsset Manager