A Prescription for Growth – Medis in TIME Magazine

A Prescription for Growth – Medis in TIME Magazine

Tone Strnad, owner and founder of Medis

Turning 30 means being in the most creative period with stamina, ideas, bold goals and bright vision. That is where Medis is this year, old enough to have important experiences gained from the past, and young enough to have the energy to move beyond the average. Moreover, we are mature enough not just to grow, but also to leave a mark in patients’ lives, giving back the society as much as possible and taking care of the environment.

So when the well-known and respectful Time Magazine contacted us when preparing a special edition of Slovenia, we decided to say YES. Our three decades of honest and hard work have been presented in Time Magazine European edition March 18, 2019. Published in London and distributed around Europe, the word about Medis’ success has spread in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Read the full article.

Today, Medis has a footprint that stretches from Austria to Bulgaria and which provides its partners with a single-entry point for ten CSEE countries and access to some 50 million potential customers. This alone has persuaded some of the world’s largest and most respected pharmaceutical companies to enter into a partnership with Medis. We are now the regional partner of choice for companies like Biogen, B Braun, Janssen, Merz, Santen and UCB.

Tone Strnad, owner and founder of Medis, emphasized that there is much more to Medis than its geographical reach: “We are unique in that we offer our partners a complete turnkey service that includes the registration, market access, marketing, medical support and distribution of new products in a complex and challenging - but also rewarding - part of Europe.” 

Anybody looking to access the various markets here faces numerous regulatory and cultural barriers as well as the combination of the cost of high-value medicines and the relative low GDP per capita. We have a track record in successfully navigating those barriers.

Time Magazine also mentioned Medis' annual event, the International Medis Awards for Medical Research, where every year, the great and the good of Central and South East Europe’s (CSEE) medical professions gather. In the area these so-called ‘Medical Oscars’ are judged by a team of independent experts, and the awards are given to the doctors and pharmacists who have published the most outstanding examples of clinical research in the previous year. As the company’s sponsorship of the awards ceremony celebrating medical research implies, Tone Strnad and Martina Perharič, CEO of Medis, are particularly proud of their work in the growing field of ‘orphan’ drugs

“We are striving to find cures for rare conditions, and we are happy to be able to help the pharmaceutical companies working in this field,” Martina Perharič told to magazine. “It can be very difficult for them even to find the sufferers, as rare illnesses are often hidden.”

We are striving to find cures for rare conditions, and we are happy to be able to help the pharmaceutical companies working in this field.

The editorial concludes with Medis' New Year's video clip that features a sequence of staff members (including both directors) smiling and laughing. The laughter is, the caption says, the best medicine of all. The video also tells a lot about the strong holistic element to Medis management style and the company culture Tone Strnad and Martina Perharič have nurtured over the years.

Read the full article (.pdf)

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