Medis' Bold Strategy Opens Up Access to Cutting-Edge Innovative Medicines in the CEE Region

Medis' Bold Strategy Opens Up Access to Cutting-Edge Innovative Medicines in the CEE Region

Strategic business units reflect focus, expertise and reliable service. Medis rebranding reveals passion and compassion to address the emerging healthcare needs in the CEE.

Medis, the leading independent pharmaceutical marketing company known for ensuring access and commercialization of state-of-the-art innovative medicinal products to Central and Eastern Europe, has streamlined its business into specialized business units for enhanced results. Part of the revitalization is the rebranding of the company, based on Medis’ healthy values.

Four strategic business units reflect focus, expertise and reliable service, which make an important contribution to strong growth in key business and therapeutic areas:

  • Medis Therapeutics (innovative, specialty, orphan pharmaceuticals);
  • Medis Consumer Health (OTC drugs, CH products); 
  • Medis Hospital Care (diagnostic programs, drugs, supplies and equipment for hospitals and community health centers);
  • Medis Aesthetics (aesthetic medicine products and solutions).

Medis CEO Martina Perharič said:

Medis focuses on creating a sustainable healthcare path for patients in 15 CEE countries while delivering value to its pharma and biotech industry partners. Our strategic goal is to expand access to innovative medicines in our region, providing leadership and expertise in market access, marketing, and medical expertise to our partners as one point of contact.

We have a huge amount of knowledge, top expert teams in all smaller European markets, which are usually too expensive and complex for big pharmaceutical companies to enter. We are certain that our forward-thinking business strategy upholding Medis’ goal for high-quality products and services is beneficial for our stakeholders.

31 years of investment and cooperation with the world's leading innovative pharmaceutical and biotech companies have positioned Medis to have the capacity, capability and modern technology for excellence in marketing, management, and optimization of the entire business. The company is now representing more than 40 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical companies in the CEE region. Medis firmly believes in ensuring that every patient, regardless of geography, receives the care they need in order to live healthier at every stage of their life. Strategically placed business units will further strengthen our focus on bringing novel products to the markets by addressing the emerging healthcare needs of patients in the region.

In 2021, Medis became a new strategic partner to three innovative pharmaceutical companies, allowing the company to expand its portfolio of specialty medicines for Parkinson's disease, specific retinal diseases, and sleep disorders in children with autism spectrum disorders.

Part of Medis 2025 corporate strategy is also the rebranding of the company. The new logo and the new domain go hand in hand with the strengthening of Medis’ business and corporate reputation and the mission to connect with all the stakeholders in a consistent, engaging and responsible way.

Medis Chief Operating Officer Maja Strnad Cestar said:

We are growing in numbers, but our values remain the same – solid and healthy. The rebranding reflects our passion and compassion to address the emerging healthcare needs in the CEE. That is why the new logo is in the shape of the heart. It represents our dedication, teamwork, trust and helping people and patients.

About Medis

Medis Pharmaceutical Company is the leading independent medical marketing company focused on commercialization of innovative pharmaceutical products in Central and Eastern Europe, with emphasis on specialty medicines, medical equipment and self-care brands. By partnering with leading pharma and biotech companies, it provides a complete spectrum of integrated services for companies interested in establishing a presence in the CEE region at making the most advanced and effective medical treatments accessible to every patient.

Founded in 1989, by Mr. Tone Strnad, Medis employs more than 350 recognized experts, leveraging its marketing know-how, scientific expertise and product knowledge. The region in which the company is present through fully-owned subsidiaries represents up to 70 million potential customers.

About Medis Financial Results

Pharmaceutical company Medis as a part of the Medis Group ended its 2020 financial year with revenues of € 134.2 million, 14 percent more than the previous year. Growth was particularly noticeable in international markets, where most of the revenue was generated. The highest growths in sales revenue were achieved in Austria, the Baltic States, Hungary and Serbia.

Medis has enjoyed average revenue increases of nearly 16 percent annually for the past five years. The company will continue its strategic investments to obtain high, double-digit, year-on-year growth and to reach the set financial goals for 2025 while operating sustainably and for the benefit of all its stakeholders.

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