The 2019 International Medis Awards for Medical Research finalists are announced!

The 2019 International Medis Awards for Medical Research finalists are announced!

This year we have received a record number of 207 article applications from eight countries in nine therapeutic areas. We again received high level scientific articles that reflect the growing importance of International Medis Awards as well as the rising level of research work done in Central and South-Eastern Europe. The applications were independently reviewed and assessed by the international panel of specialists, chaired by the president of the panel Prof. Matija Tomšič, MD, PhD.

The finalists of 2019 International Medis Awards for Medical Research (in alphabetical order) are:


  • David Drobne (Slovenia)
  • Gregor Novak (Slovenia)
  • Bernhard Scheiner (Austria)


  • Zsófia Benkő (Hungary)
  • Tanja Nikolova (North Macedonia)

Intensive Care Medicine and Anesthesiology:

  • Nikola Bradić (Croatia)
  • Amra Sakušić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


  • Edin Begić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Petra Bogovič (Slovenia)


  • Zala Lužnik (Slovenia)
  • Ljubo Znaor (Croatia)


  • Klemen Dovč (Slovenia)
  • Michael Wagner (Austria)


  • Marin Jukić (Serbia)
  • Azra Uzunović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Pulmonology and Allergology:

  • Dragana Jovanović (Serbia)
  • Renáta Marietta Böcskei (Hungary)
  • Tanja Soklič Košak (Slovenia)


  • Alojzija Hočevar (Slovenia)
  • Margit Szentesi (Hungary)

With the International Medis Awards, we care that the outstanding achievements in the field of clinical research, accomplished by medical doctors and pharmacists from our region, do not remain unnoticed. Congratulations to all the finalists!

The winners will be announced at the International Medis Awards Ceremony on 5 November 2019 in Ljubljana. We are looking forward to honouring the best medical achievements of the year.

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