Maja Strnad Cestar has been appointed as the new CEO

Upcoming Changes in Medis Leadership 

Upcoming Changes in Medis Leadership 

Maja Strnad Cestar and Martina Perharič

Martina Perharič, MSc Pharm, PhD, the current CEO of Medis, will transition to a new position as Chief Business Officer (CBO) Pharmaceuticals and Member of the Board of Directors for Strategic Development, effective August 1, 2023. This strategic move will enable her to fully leverage her professional expertise and commitment to the company.

My desire was to become even more involved in what I have always been most passionate about – the development, expansion of pharmaceutical activities, as well as international networking. I am glad that the owner has listened and appreciates my aspiration,

said Martina Perharič about her appointment to a new position.

Maja Strnad Cestar, currently Chief Operating Officer, has been appointed as the new CEO, effective August 1, 2023. She has been an integral part of Medis for the past 21 years, and her contribution to company’s success has been immense. Maja Strnad Cestar has held several roles and has demonstrated expertise in various areas of our business.

Her experience and dedication have been invaluable in driving growth and maintaining Medis’ position as the leader in the Central and Eastern Europe. Most recently, she excelled as a Chief Operating Officer, streamlining operations, implementing new processes and procedures, and improving overall efficiency. Her commitment to excellence has been reflected in the results achieved by the company.

I am proud that, in this way, we are giving a chance to the next generation, and above all, that we are maintaining continuity in the company and keep up our work for a better society and better health for people, without deviating from the path of sustainable and healthy development of the company,

added Perharič, the current CEO, on the occasion of the appointment of the new CEO, Maja Strnad Cestar.

During the six-month transition period, Martina Perharič will work closely with Maja Strnad Cestar to ensure a smooth transfer of leadership responsibilities. After the transition, she will continue to work jointly with the new CEO to develop a growth strategy and business plan for Medis to achieve the company's vision and goals.

She will develop a strong sales and business development strategy for Pharmaceuticals and cultivate and build partnerships and alliances that will enable broader presence in the CEE market. In her role of CBO Pharmaceuticals, she will be responsible for defining and implementing the right strategy for Medis Pharmaceuticals' current partnerships and upcoming business development activities, while ensuring that the strategy is aligned with the broader vision and goals of the company. She will play a crucial role in the alliance and partner management for the Therapeutics, Consumer Health, Aesthetics and Business Development strategic business units at Medis.

I am certain that Martina's extensive expertise and commitment to the pharmaceutical industry will allow her to shine in her new role as CBO Pharmaceuticals and contribute significantly to Medis’ success. Maja’s leadership and vision have already had a significant impact on our business, and I am confident that she will continue to drive our growth and success as our new CEO. We all look forward to the continuous growth and positive changes she will bring to the company. I congratulate Martina on her new role and Maja on her appointment as our new CEO, and wish them both well in their new roles,

said Tone Strnad, Chairman of the Management Board.

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