Interview with Aleksandar Spasovski, Country Manager of Medis in Bulgaria

Interview with Aleksandar Spasovski, Country Manager of Medis in Bulgaria

The introduction of new methods and approaches in disease treatment by offering innovative medicines or medical devices is something that managers offer to the market through their local teams; this is the biggest challenge and something that provides the greatest satisfaction in this profession. This is also something that strongly connects Aleksandar Spasovski to Medis, a company that is the partner of choice for medical marketing of many innovative medicines in Central and Eastern Europe. Medis mission is to make the most modern and effective medicines or medical devices available to patients in the region.

Founded in 1989 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Medis today provides the opportunity for professional development to over 350 of its employees, experts of medicinal products for the treatment of rare diseases, medical devices and non-prescription products. Medis implements its mission through its subsidiaries located in 14 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, a region with 70 million inhabitants. One of them is Medis Pharma Bulgaria and we talked to its director and country manager, Aleksandar Spasovski.

With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, you have witnessed many changes. How would you describe the sector from your point of view?

There have been significant changes in recent years, with improved funding providing access to some innovative medicines and modern therapies. The focus has shifted to ensuring a longer, healthier and more productive life for the patients. I would say that although we see improvements, there is still much more to be done before sustainability is achieved.

What is the key factor for the success of Medis Pharma Bulgaria over the last years?

Medis Pharma Bulgaria strives to improve the quality of life of patients by offering high-quality products such as immunomodulators Defendyl®, the WAYA® probiotic with the most studied probiotic strain LGG, and the Rosacta cream which is the first in Europe registered traditional herbal over-the-counter medicinal product containing rosemary essential oil for relieving joint and muscle pain.

We are especially proud that we were the first in Bulgaria to introduce reimbursed therapy with botulinum toxin for treatment of dystonia and blepharospasm, which significantly improves treatment quality and lives of patients with these diseases. The key element to success is an excellent team. Employees are extremely important and are the driving force of our vision. Their competence and teamwork are essential.

What is your approach to building a successful team?

It gives me pleasure to share everything I have learned and I experienced early on. Sharing is what motivates me to gain more knowledge and develop my abilities. I feel true happiness when my “students” progress and surpass me in their skills. Learning is a vital part of Medis’ organizational culture. This reflects a better, faster, higher quality of work, but also a sense of satisfaction, motivation and self-confidence.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your work?

We have reviewed and adapted our marketing strategy, adding new communication channels to support our customers in these challenging times. Our combination of marketing channels includes approved emails, webinars, interactive presentations and video detailings. Customers responded well and quickly adapted to the new communications standards, which is certainly the result of successful cooperation in the past and the customer-oriented approach in the tactics we applied.

For the second year in a row, doctors and pharmacists from Bulgaria have been participating in the annual International Medis Awards for Medical Research contest. What exactly does this mean for you and your customers?

The International Medis Awards contest has been recognizing and awarding the outstanding research work of doctors and pharmacists from Central and South-Eastern Europe already for seven years. The international expert panel professionally reviews all submitted articles, assesses them objectively according to the methodological criteria and selects two finalists in each of the nine open scientific fields.

All these doctors and pharmacists, who are experts and pioneers in their therapeutic fields, are guided by the spirit of research, unwavering courage, perseverance, hard work and the belief that more can be offered and provided to patients. In all these years, the International Medis Awards have evaluated over 1,150 scientific articles and awarded 65 international winners.

Despite all the challenges that 2020 has brought us, how did the contest take place in this special year?

In 2020, the expert panel received a record of 309 scientific articles. The increase in the number of applications is proof that science never rests, and that the contest is gaining more and more recognition. We will continue recognizing and rewarding the excellence of our experts, so we can create a better future together. The main difference this year was that the final award ceremony took place virtually.

Last but not least, where do you see Medis Pharma Bulgaria in 2025?

Our goal is to stay ambitious and develop into an even more modern digital company that continues putting the patient at the centre of its activities, as well as offering new therapies and treatment options.

Interview was published in, 01/2021.