Methodological note


This note summarizes the methods used in preparing Medis' transfers of value disclosure.

Medis uses the terms HCP, HCO and ToV as defined by EFPIA or national pharma codes. Recipient means any HCP or HCO whose principal practice, address, or place of business is in countries in which Medis operates.

Scope of Disclosure

Medis discloses the ToV to HCPs and HCOs in countries where Medis operates and has a presence through an affiliate.

The disclosure is made in aggregate form.

Products covered

Prescription drugs, OTC drugs, food supplements and other healthcare products, medical devices.

Types of transfers of value

ToVs that are disclosed:

  • Registration fees
  • Travel and lodging expenses
  • Fees for services
  • Sponsorship agreements with HCOs / third parties contracted by HCOs to run an event
  • Donations and grants to HCOs

ToV timeframe

Medis discloses ToVs made during the reporting year.

Direct and Indirect ToV

ToV can be made directly to the HCP or HCO, such as service fee to the HCP for giving a lecture.

ToV can be made indirectly to the HCP or HCO, such as accommodation costs paid to an agency on behalf of an HCP.

Self-established HCPs

TOVs to self-established HCPs are disclosed ToVs to HCPs to the extent possible.

Disclosure format and platform

Disclosure reports are published on the Medis corporate website within six months of the reporting year for all countries in which Medis operates.

The reports are disclosed in English.

Disclosure of financial data

Disclosures are made in local currencies.

ToVs to HCPs are disclosed using gross values (including VAT and possible taxes). ToVs to HCOs are disclosed as net values (excluding VAT; if VAT is not identifiable or could not be deducted, the gross value is used).