Terms of Use

Protection of rights

The subject of this notice is the web pages at the address of the company Medis d.o.o., www.medis.com. All the content on these web pages are the property of the company Medis d.o.o. and is of an informative nature. Information contained on the web pages www.medis.com is no replacement for advice from a personal doctor who is the only one qualified to judge and give healthcare advice with respect to your illness or your health problems and to prescribe suitable medicine.

Limited responsibility

Medis d.o.o. cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by using the web pages www.medis.com or their content. All users use them at their own responsibility. Medis d.o.o. will whilst maintaining the content of the web pages attempt to ensure the accuracy of data but it cannot accept responsibility for its accuracy or inclusiveness or any consequences of erroneous interpretation of the pages’ content. Medis d.o.o. retains the right to change add or remove web pages (entirely or partially) without prior warning.

Limited right of use of content

Users may use the content on the web pages of the company Medis d.o.o., www.medis.com, for their personal use in that they do not violate copyright. The authors are not responsible for any damage as a result of use. Any other use or distribution of the content or part of these web pages is not permitted.

Security of data

The company makes available all personal data collected on the web pages of Medis d.o.o., www.medis.com, in accordance with valid legislation.

Links to other web pages

Medis’ web pages www.medis.com contain links to the web pages of third persons. Medis d.o.o. does not accept any responsibility for the text published on these web pages, as it has no control over the content or operation of these pages. For this reason Medis d.o.o. calls on all users of Medis web pages to avoid the damaging consequences of unauthorised intervention into the privacy of third persons and before visiting them check on the legal notices and protection of intellectual ownership of authors of the visited pages.

Younger than 18

The web pages www.medis.com are not intended for those younger than 18. We do not collect data from persons we know are under 18. We call on those under 18 years of age not to send us any data.

Privacy and use of questions and commentaries

All questions, commentaries, suggestions or other types of communication including all ideas, inventions, concepts, techniques and knowledge any third person has sent to the web pages www.medis.com or otherwise to the company Medis d.o.o. by electronic mail or other means are not treated as intellectual property and is to be taken as the property of Medis d.o.o.