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Our proprietary products

In a mission to create unique health solutions for people's well-being, we turned to nature and developed two OTC natural medicines that are our own R&D innovation: Ladiva® and Rosacta®.

Our portfolio also consists of Violin®, a dietary supplement of the latest generation ingredients for women planning pregnancy, pregnant women and nursing mothers and WAYA® portfolio of innovative products specialized in gastrointestinal disorders.


Medis Consumer Health R&D Initiatives

As a dynamically evolving team we are proud of our unique medicinal products, which are the result of our own research and development and aligned with the latest health trends.

As of 2021, both OTC medicines are approved in more than 20 European countries, with plans to expand in the future. We are eager to bringing our innovations to the people through partnerships in all ready-to-launch countries.

  • Carefully selected ingredients
  • Full compliant GACP, EU-GMP, GDP, HACCP, ISO
  • Excellent safety profiles
  • High consumer satisfaction


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