Sustainable development

Creating new health solutions with respect to the people, the planet and the products.

We strive to develop our products to be:

  • Effective and gentle at the same time.
  • Scientifically based, best therapy currently available.
  • Of the highest quality, which is paramount from start to finish.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Providing our customers with products of the highest quality standards is an essential part of our business.

All our products are processed in state-of-the-art facilities by experienced experts using only the best ingredients and latest developments to meet the highest requirements for quality, innovativeness, competitiveness, as well as economic and environmental sustainability.

Exceeding requirements

We follow the principles of Good Agriculture and Collecting Practices (GACP) and focus on environmental sustainability.

The plants used for herbal medicines are grown in the soil without any use of pesticides, and carefully and meticulously harvested. This assures the harvest of the best active ingredients found in nature.

Exceeding requirements

Case Rosacta®: from herbs to cream – production that meets the highest standards


Selected type of rosemary, grown in an area without pollutants


Fresh upper flowering parts of the rosemary are collected by hand


Steam distillation of freshly collected rosemary parts

Fractional distillation


Each batch of distilled rosemary is tested according to Ph. Eur.


Packaging and storage of EU-GMP manufactured rosemary oil


Control of every batch of incoming components: rosemary oil, excipients, tube


Manufacturing of the finished product with requested attributes, including a 4-years shelf life


Testing of each product before it is released to the market

GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practice)
EU-GMP (European Good Manufacturing Practice)