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Novalac Violin

Best care while:

<p>planning pregnancy</p>

planning pregnancy





Pregnancy and
need for nutrients

Pregnancy and
need for nutrients

Pregnancy is one of the most challenging periods for women. During this time, the growth and development of a baby increases the need for certain nutrients up to 100%. A suitable supply of nutrients is of the utmost importance.

A continuous supply of nutrients is not only needed during pre-pregnancy and pregnancy but also while breastfeeding to assure the optimal production of high-quality and nutritious milk. Moreover, a healthy supply of nutrients is also important for mothers.


Violin® is a product of the latest scientific findings. With it, women of childbearing age can assure the best possible care for their increased nutrient requirements.

Violin® was specially designed and developed in cooperation with KOLs, according to the current global health guidelines and nutritional recommendations. It is recommended to start taking Violin® capsules as early as the planning phase of pregnancy (at least 3 months before pregnancy) and to continue taking them throughout pregnancy and until the end of breastfeeding.





Quatrefolic®, the latest generation of active folic acids, reduces the risk of neural tube defects. In contrast to conventional forms of folic acid, the innovative form of Quatrefolic® does not need to be converted into a biologically useful form, thus enabling the highest bioavailability, and therefore has the advantage of being fully utilizable.

Lipofer<sup>®</sup> Iron

Lipofer® Iron

The highly absorbable Lipofer® iron allows for greater absorption into the blood and thus higher bioavailability. In addition, due to its microencapsulated form, it does not irritate the stomach nor leaves a metallic taste.

DHA Omega-3 fatty acids

DHA Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids DHA enable proper cognitive and eyesight development in a child and reduce the risk of premature birth. Violin® contains the optimal amount of the best quality DHA.

Essential vitamins and minerals

Essential vitamins and minerals

Violin® capsules also contain all other necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy baby development and well-being of the mother.

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Violin® is already commercialized in 8 European countries and in UAE and is immediately available for further global commercialization.

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