Record Job Satisfaction at Medis

Record Job Satisfaction at Medis

The year 2020 was anything but normal and easy. We largely moved our work to home environment, digitalized it and got used to online interactions with colleagues. That is why we were very interested in seeing how the new situation will affect employee satisfaction. And the results came as a pleasant surprise: in 2020, the satisfaction of Medis employees reached a record average result – as high as 6,00!

Altogether, 273 employees answered the survey, and the share of answers is growing proportionally compared to last year due to a larger number of employees. We analysed a little over 30,000 answers, all data was carefully processed and included in individual reports for managers. The figures in brackets represent comparable data for 2019. In addition to the final grade, the individual responses also indicate high job satisfaction, as the share of responses rated with 5, 6 and 7 was 77%.

What are Medis employees most satisfied with?

Overall, the highest satisfaction is with relationships with employees within the teams, the work environment/working conditions, and the benefits. It is in these areas and in the area of organization of the company that the highest increase in satisfaction compared to last year can be observed. This shows that relationships are a very important aspect of job satisfaction in our company, but other important things are also the environment in which we work, organization and flexibility.

On the other hand, compared to last year, satisfaction decreased the most in the area of possibility of education. Overall, the lowest satisfaction, the same as last year, is with the possibility of promotion and the organization of the company. At the top of the satisfaction scale this year are colleagues from Austria and Bulgaria.

We raised one of the milestones again, because in 2020, already nine areas were rated with an average score of 6 or more!

Areas of job satisfaction



Relationships with colleagues within the team



Work environment/working conditions (work assets, workspace adequacy)



Benefits (leave, working time…)



My immediate superior's attitude towards me



Type of work I do



Degree of my autonomy at work



Sector director's attitude towards me



Level of my responsibility at work



Feeling of own success at work



Relationships with colleagues in other sectors of the company






The possibility of education



My status in the company



The possibility of personal and/or professional development



Recognition and praise for achievements



Organization of the company



The possibility of promotion (salary, job position, project work…)






Work engagement

In the area of work psychology and organization, there has been a recent trend of increasingly frequent studying of work engagement in companies. Employee satisfaction alone is not everything, it is important that employees are also engaged. Through such activities, the company and its employees co-create a story of success: the company conducts business well and the employees see the work as fulfilling.

Work engagement can be defined as a high level of energy, commitment to work, enthusiasm during work and participation in work activities. An employee who is committed is also more productive, more belonging to the company, less stressed and more satisfied with their personal life. Work does not represent a burden for them, but new challenges.

This year we measured the work commitment of Medis employees for the second time, this time using the Gallup questionnaire. The average assessment of work engagement for the Medis Group is 5.69 points (on a scale of 1 to 7).

Net promoter score – 4 out of 5 employees would recommend Medis as a good employer!

Because the good name of the company goes a long way, we were curious how many employees would recommend the Medis company to other people. For this purpose, we calculated the Net Promoter Score for the first time this year, which is often used to check customer recommendations about the company. We place the answers into one of the following groups: promoters (actively recommend the company, talk about good experience), passives (have no major comments, if they get a better offer, they quickly switch to another company) and detractors (are dissatisfied, express negative opinion and complaints, demotivate employees).

The result is a value from –100 (which would mean that all employees are detractors) to +100 (in the case that they are all promoters). In practice, an index above +50 is considered excellent. Therefore, we can be proud that the Medis Net Promoter Score is an excellent +79! This means that the vast majority of employees would be happy to recommend the Medis company to others.

Given that we have achieved a record result of job satisfaction in 15 years of measuring it, we need to consider how to proceed in the future. It will be important that we continue to listen to each other, be agile and try to maintain any new practices that have proven to be effective – the latter this year has been reflected in high satisfaction of employees with the flexibility of the work environment.

However, we must not forget the good relationships that remain an important foundation of our culture. Each of us should do their best to help co-create the work environment, relationships and culture they want.

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