A Culture of Openness and Responsibility

Medis was founded in 1989 based on the values of teamwork, knowledge, respect and responsibility. These are the values that still define Medis today, as we have grown into an internationally recognised, high-performance and employee-oriented company with a distinguished reputation in the professional community.

Newly onboarded employees often confirm that the people, culture, values and everything related to working at Medis are truly unique.


of management positions are held by women


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Connected by Excellent Relationships

In our daily work we promote mutual respect and build outstanding relationships not only with our business partners and customers, but also among our employees. We organise monthly events for all departments, and at our regular annual meetings we also ensure that we gain knowledge through a variety of fun and recreational activities that further strengthen our bonds. At informal gatherings we like to chat, socialize and have fun.

Encouraging Innovation Mindset

At Medis, we strive to integrate innovation mindset into our everyday lives. All ideas, even small ones, have the potential to change things for the better. We use an internal app for collecting, reviewing and annually rewarding ideas of our employees.

Respecting Diversity

We work as equals and create a respectful and inclusive workplace where employees can reach their full potential, regardless of their ethical, religious, racial, gender or other background.

This aspect is very important to us as Medis operates in a multicultural environment and we build on mutual respect, inclusion and acceptance of diversity. 

Transparent Communication

Over 88% of employees would recommend to other companies to adopt the same approach of informing employees as we use at Medis. In regular surveys, employees state that their managers are their main source of information.

Transparency in communication is also reinforced through regular meetings, frequent intranet updates and internal newsletters.