Medis has been an avid and generous supporter of professional, patient and non-governmental organizations for three decades.

Giving Back to Society

Medis and our culture are built on healthy values where courage, teamwork, helping each other, gratitude and enjoyment of and from work are most important.

Accordingly, over the past three decades, we have enjoyed supporting professional organizations, patient associations, and non-governmental organizations working in the fields of health, wellness, the arts, and ecology to the best of our ability.

We are proud supporters of many great artists and athletes.

Our actions and activities are based on voluntariness and take place throughout the year.

We Help With a Smile

To mark our 30th anniversary, we set out a goal to visit a number of organizations and to help them as much as we can. Our activities were focused on the elderly, patient associations, NGOs, people with disabilities, and often overlooked individuals who need our help.

"Smile ambassadors" have also been found among outstanding individuals of honorable age. They all prove that laughter is the best medicine. They told us their stories and joined the celebration of Medis' 30 years.