WODA is an alliance of nine companies, pooling skills and capitalizing on senior experts’ knowledge in the field of orphan drug therapies.

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About WODA

World Orphan Drug Alliance (WODA) is an international consortium of pharmaceutical companies, established with the mission of improving patient access to new treatments for rare and debilitating diseases.

WODA operates by identifying biotech and pharmaceutical companies with novel therapies for rare and debilitating diseases, which may not yet be available to patients in many regions. It provides these companies with the opportunity to commercialize their innovative products in member countries through WODA's multi-territorial platform.

WODA’s commercial presence spans 152 markets, covered by nine like-minded pharmaceutical companies, enabling an extensive global outreach while maintaining a strong local focus.

Each WODA member is an experienced and high-performance commercialization company, specializing in their own region and offering comprehensive support that ranges from named patient programs to full commercialization.

Regions covered by WODA members:

WODA's partner for global access, pricing and commercialization strategies is Decisive Consulting.

WODA’s value to pharmaceutical & biotech companies with rare disease and specialty portfolio;

  • Single point of contact for 152 countries
  • Access to 200 million potential rare disease patients
  • Full-service solution
  • Deep understanding of local healthcare systems
  • Flexible approach, tailored to the needs of partners and products
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