Marketing and Sales

We provide complete marketing support for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and medical products. Our goal is to provide rapid access to our therapies for every patient in need in our target markets.

Medis responds to the challenge of limited access to physicians by increasing the effectiveness of our marketing tactics and sales force strategies.

With orchestrated customer interactions spanning traditional and digital channels, we are continuously improving the ROI of our promotional efforts while expanding customer reach. 

Strengthening Partnerships by Omni-Channel Approach

Today's information age provides us all with easy access to information and in-depth knowledge.

By providing access to digitally enhanced content through the information channels customers want, we can significantly strengthen the partnership with our stakeholders.

The implementation of Veeva Multi-Channel Medical Marketing Platform allows us to increase and optimize customer engagement.

Global Marketing, Local Adaptation

New marketing approaches give us more space and opportunities for pharma brands to deliver their message across multiple channels. We:

  • Analyze the market opportunity,
  • Define the customer segment and the desired behavior change.

From the analysis, we can define strategic imperatives and create a strategy for each customer segment.

Global multi-channel marketing strategies are translated into locally adapted brand strategies and execution, supported by data integration and real-time analytics that allow us to react quickly and adapt the strategy to local markets.

Face-to-Face and Virtual Touch Points

In markets, local teams of Sales Representatives, Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Key Account Managers (KAMs) combine face-to-face touch points, such as personal visits, conferences, rapports and workshops, with virtual touch points, such as remote calls, webinars, virtual advisory boards, e-learning, etc.

We focus on the most effective combination for each customer segment and business strategy, taking into account our clients' preferred channels.

Partner with us for a streamlined and successful commercialization journey. 

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