Marketing and Sales

We provide complete marketing support for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, and medical products. Our goal is to achieve the highest penetration and market share in our target markets.

Medis responds to the challenge of limited access to physicians by increasing the effectiveness of our sales force strategies. With better-orchestrated HCP interactions, both face to face and through digital channels, we are constantly improving our promotional efforts’ ROI while expanding customer reach.

In order to deliver constant growth in this ever-changing environment, Medis is constantly improving the way we approach our customers and stakeholders. 

Excellent sales and marketing tactics, supported by medical activities, are developed by the global team and executed by the local teams in the countries.


The implementation of the multi-channel medical marketing platform Veeva allows us to increase customer engagement. This facilitates the successful commercialization of product portfolios. We develop and implement results-oriented sales and marketing programs that effectively:

  • launch new pharmaceutical brands
  • increase sales of existing products
  • leverage first-to-market advantages through a broad regulatory network

Marketing Strategy

New marketing approaches allow us more room and space for pharma brands to convey their message with help of different channels. We analyse market opportunity, define customer segment and desired behaviour change. From the analysis we can define strategic imperatives and create a strategy for each customer segment.

Global multi-channel marketing strategy translates to locally adapted brand strategies and execution, which is supported by data integration and real time analytics, enabling us quick resposes and adjustments of the strategy to markets.

Orchestrated Engagement

We integrate all personal and non-personal touchpoints through customer-facing roles (Sales Representatives, Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Key Account Managers (KAMs)) with all the functionality of traditional Customer Relationship Management and Closed-Loop Marketing.

This gives us a real-time overview of all ongoing activities with our stakeholders.