Market Access

There are many barriers to accessing markets in the CEE: the high price of high-value medicines and low GDP per capita are just some of them. Medis knows how to operate successfully in these markets.

Our market access team has achieved more than 100 positive reimbursement decisions for high-value specialty and orphan drugs in the region.

Our success lies in our expertise and ability to collaborate with sales, marketing, and medical departments. We discover unmet market needs and then deliver the best products to meet them profitably.

We take a systematic, step-by-step approach to achieve positive reimbursement results:

  • Building a comprehensive local access strategy
  • Effectively communicating compelling value to stakeholders
  • Aligning the global value dossier with country-specific submission documents
  • Negotiating better pricing and reimbursement terms
  • Ensuring accelerated approval and maintaining effective pricing and reimbursement solutions

Market access requires a combination of know-how, the ability to engage all relevant stakeholders, and experience in dealing with extremely challenging situations, while ensuring positive project outcomes and the continuation and improvement of existing services.Ivana StagličićHead of Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement Medis Therapeutics

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