Alles gute, Medis Austria!

Alles gute, Medis Austria!

“It is nice to wake up and go to work in a team that you trust and where you feel there is no unnecessary pressure,” Matej Mirtic, Country Manager in Austria, evaluates the work of the Austrian Medis Team. His team is motivated and passionate to share the Medis story on the Austrian market as well.

Medis Austria is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. After a decade of growth the Austrian group now has two business units, Therapeutics and Consumer Health, and manages 10 different brands.

As Matej Mirtič, Country Manager for Medis Austria, points out:

Each year, our revenue and with it the number of employees continue to grow. We believe that in the next 5 years, Medis will become a synonym for credible and innovative medicines with an exceptional reputation in our market. And none of it would be possible without our team which is one of the most satisfied and engaged among all Medis subsidiaries.

Congratulations to the team!