Jump for the View – Workouts for Rheumatic Patients

Jump for the View – Workouts for Rheumatic Patients

Physical activity is one of the most important pillars in everyone’s life, especially in the lives of rheumatic patients, because access to appropriate and purposeful exercise is essential to their health.

To help them stay active on a daily basis during the pandemic, the Slovenian Rheumatism Association, with the support of Medis, prepared a comprehensive program of therapeutic video exercises called “Skočimo na lepše” (Jump for the View).

The eight video exercises included in the program can help alleviate the symptoms and consequences of rheumatic diseases and help anyone who wants to stay active. The workouts are free and available on the society’s website and YouTube channel.

Medis try-out

At Medis, we are proud to be part of the initiative that is improving people’s lives, and we have already tried doing the exercises ourselves.