Ladiva Awarded for Innovation!

Ladiva Awarded for Innovation!

Marjana Majerič, MSc, General Director Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Central Slovenian Region, Dr. Mojca Merhar, Head of International Bussines Medis Consumer Health and Dr. Martina Perharič, Medis CEO

Medis’s new medicine Ladiva went home with a silver prize awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for best innovation in the Central Slovenian region. Ladiva is the only OTC plant-based medicine for relieving painful menstrual spasms, giving women a brand-new, effective means to treat their symptoms in a natural and alternative way.

Medis began seeking a natural remedy for menstrual spasms 7 years ago. Given that a staggering 6 out of 7 women aged 15-45 suffer from menstrual spasms, it was our priority to find a natural solution that would actually treat the spasms themselves, and not merely relieve the pain they cause. The team, comprised of pharmacists, biologists, analysts, and others, studied the options available for natural active ingredients and found raspberry leaf extract a promising candidate

The innovation behind Ladiva is in the process of producing a therapeutic active ingredient, as well as in the medicine’s ultimate dosage form. First, Medis set out to create the conditions necessary for growing plants that would consistently produce the medicine’s desired effectiveness, something that is often much harder to ensure in plantbased medicines than in synthetic formulations.

We wanted to provide the greatest possible amount of active ingredient in a patient-friendly capsule and make it available for the broadest possible segment of women, including vegans, women with diabetes, and those who are glucose intolerant,

emphasized Maja Frelih, Managing Director of Medis Consumer Health. With this purpose in mind they developed the proper production processes and testing procedures both for the therapeutic active ingredient and dosage form, closely following the guidelines of the European Medicines Agency.

Medis’s team of experts kept longterm sustainability at the top of their priorities when developing Ladiva. It followed international standards for good agricultural and collection practices, ensured that no pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides would be used in growing plant. The active ingredient is obtained without the use of organic solvents and in line with a certified Environmental Management System.

It is Medis’s opinion that still far too many women suffer every month. That’s why it’s so important that we have a conversation about this problem.

stressed Dr. Mojca Merhar, Head of International Bussines of Medis Consumer Health.

Ladiva provides a new, natural, and effective method of treating menstrual spasms and, based on initial experiences from existing markets, both women and experts have welcomed the new medicine with open arms.

Ladiva is already registered in 16 European countries, of which it is currently marketed in Finland and Sweden, with other European markets soon to follow.

Ladiva is a traditional herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of minor spasms associated with menstrual periods in adult womenfor use in the specified indication exclusively based upon long-standing use. Ladiva capsules contain the dried extract of raspberry leaves. The recommended dosage is a 1 capsule up to 3–4 times daily, taken with water. When taking any medicine, closely follow the usage instructions or the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. There are no known undesired effects. If an undesired effect does arise, consult with your doctor immediately.