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Medis Wins HR Team of the Year 2023 Award

Medis Wins HR Team of the Year 2023 Award

We are proud to announce that we have won the prestigious HR Team of the Year 2023 award!

This recognition is given to HR teams that successfully manage and develop the HR function towards a strategic business function. The award is presented at the Slovenian HR Congress and draws attention to the importance of the HR profession in the successful and long-term sustainability of organizations.

The expert committee highlighted several outstanding qualities of our HR performance. Firstly, they emphasized our personalized approach to employees and their development, which recognizes and nurtures their unique talents and aspirations. Secondly, the committee acknowledged our tailored recruitment approach, which involves comprehensive psychological testing to ensure that we select candidates who align with our company culture and values.

Furthermore, our advanced and digitalized HR processes were highly acclaimed for their efficiency and effectiveness in managing our workforce across 18 countries. Finally, the expert committee commended our excellent onboarding of new recruits, which helps them integrate into our company culture and enables them to quickly adapt to their roles and responsibilities.

This recognition confirms our genuine passion and drive for the work we do and in fulfilling our mission: bringing innovative therapies to patients in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

I firmly believe that HR is all about people, and people are at the center of everything we do. Each employee possesses unique qualities, talents, skills and aspirations. It is essential for us to continue building and sustaining a positive work environment where people can learn, grow and be their authentic selves. This challenge is what motivates and propels us forward,

shared Maja Rojšek, Managing Director of Human Resources.

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