Rare disease day: Day by day, hand in hand

Rare disease day: Day by day, hand in hand

28 February is the Rare Disease Day. Typically chronic and debilitating, rare diseases have enormous repercussions for the whole family. Living with a rare disease becomes a daily learning experience for patients, families and carers who must deal with issues such as how to access treatments, how to identify social services and how to manage the economic burden of living with a rare disease on a daily basis. 

Rare diseases affect an estimated 300 million people around the world. There are over 6000 different diseases. So rare’s not so rare after all.

Medis supports raising awareness of patients, families and carers around the world that are affected by rare diseases. Medis is also joining the global social media campaign by taking part in an interactive face paint to raise awareness of rare diseases. We posted our painted faces on Facebook and LinkedIn pages  with hashtags #ShowYourRare and #RareDiseaseDay. Show your support with us!

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