Rosacta – The first natural medicine with rosemary essential oil introduces a new approach to healing pain

 Rosacta – The first natural medicine with rosemary essential oil introduces a new approach to healing pain


Medis is the first company in Europe to develop and register under EU proceedings an over-the-counter natural medicine with rosemary essential oil as the active substance – Rosacta®

Using an innovative technology, we have integrated the rosemary essential oil into a cream that is the first and only one featuring a natural substance and proving the effectiveness as well as safety in healing mild pain in muscles and joints. Rosacta® thus introduces a novel and natural approach to healing, and enables the healing at the exact spot where the pain originates.  

“By developing and registering the Rosacta® natural medicine, Medis has attained a new milestone in the development of the company. We have launched the medicine in Slovenia, Austria and Croatia simultaneously these days, and in the next months, the penetration to other European markets will follow. This is how we spread our know-how and innovativeness across the world,” said Tone Strnad, Director General of Medis.

How to heal muscle and joint pain?

More than three quarters of the population suffer from pain in muscles and joints all the time or periodically. The most common places of muscle and joint pain are the neck, shoulder girdle, lower part of the back or the lumbar part, legs, and arms, but it can also appear elsewhere.

“Muscle and joint pain is mostly a result of our lifestyle – sitting a lot or too much physical exertion. An important measure to apply when the pain emerges is to eliminate the triggering factor that has caused the pain in the first place. We can treat the pain by cooling the painful regions, resting, doing select exercises and applying topical pain relief medications – ointments,” said Assistant Professor Nataša Kos, MD, PhD, Head of Institute of Medical Rehabilitation at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana. 

Before attempting to heal muscle and joint pain, it is recommended to consult your doctor or pharmacist. “Pain is one of the most common reasons to go to a pharmacy. The selection of a medication or a medical device, as well as the advice, is always adjusted to individual problems and needs. Self treatment may be appropriate in the case of acute pain, but it is always necessary to make sure there has been no severe damage or pain resulting from any medication or severe illness. Additional, self treatment is only appropriate during a short period of time, seven to ten days only. If there is no relief during such period, we recommend to see a doctor. We also refer to the doctor the elderly and chronic patients, and we are also careful in children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mums” explained Darja Potočnik Benčič, cf. B.Pharm., Specialist, MSc., Director of Ptuj Pharmacies Public Institution. 

A variety of products promising muscle and joint pain relief is available on the market. Please be discerning in this variety, as the products differ between themselves and are not equivalent in their efficiency. Only products registered as medicine have a proven effectiveness and safety, and also feature always the same level of quality by means of their standard composition.

Pain should be treated

We can take preventative measures and this way already do a lot for healthy muscles and joints. It is important to exercise regularly, pay attention to one’s capabilities in doing sports, and be careful when lifting weights. 

“We can prevent pain with functional exercise, which comprises awareness in motion, exercises for strength and stabilisation, and gentle stretching. Proper preparation of the body for sports activities that we wish to perform is important, as well. When any pain arises, we help ourselves by using a body posture that offers complete relaxation, a pain relief cream, which is to be rubbed gently into the body, and awareness in motion, which helps relieve the muscle spasm,” said Nežka Poljanšek, physiotherapist.

“Often the pain will disappear after we eliminate the triggering factors, which is why there is no need to see a doctor or have special treatment in such cases. Nevertheless, pain can result from other causes, as well. When we take no action regarding the pain that has emerged, such pain may become chronic, which is a form that is very difficult to treat,” said Assistant Professor Nataša Kos, MD, PhD. 

It is important to listen to the body and heal the pain.  

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Photography: Tina Ramujkić

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