With a redesigned image and a stronger heart boldly into the future

With a redesigned image and a stronger heart boldly into the future

Martina Perharič, Medis CEO

In three decades, many things have changed. But our values remained the same, solid and healthy. They were led by our heart that grew bigger and stronger. Now we want to share our heart with you and continue writing successful stories in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. For this purpose, we changed our visual identity and introduced structural changes, which will divide our company into four strategic business units.

The rebranding goes hand in hand with our 2025 corporate strategy to further strengthen our business, corporate reputation and connection with all stakeholders in a consistent, engaging and responsible way.

Medis is a trusted and attractive partner for global pharmaceutical manufacturers and is among the major companies known for their excellence in commercializing novel medical products and therapeutic options in the CEE region. The smaller European countries, in particular, are often overlooked by the big pharma companies, and we have been changing that from the start,

says our CEO, Martina Perharič.

Where there is a heart, there is a way

The rebranding was carried out together with award-winning concept designer Dušan Grobovšek (IODG Studio), who is also the author of the existing logo and has worked with us for several years. In our last logo, you could already notice a (hidden) heart symbol. The heart changed and grew stronger. It started beating boldly and lively and became our new logo.

We wanted to keep what was good about the existing logo and modernize it, giving it more visibility while conveying that sense of precision and accuracy that is so essential in the medicine and pharmacy. The symbol is actually the letter M, teased into a heart and/or a butterfly, and I decided to simplify and clarify that motif. To cut to the chase – saving lives and looking after people's health and wellbeing are pursuits that require a lot of empathy, so the heart is the most important part. And without heart – there is nothing left,

said Dušan Grobovšek, designer.

Corporate and social responsibility are our priorities

We (at Medis) love what we do, and we do it with passion and perseverance. We put our heart into our work. We are a big company and we have a big heart. Our values are healthy values - dedication, teamwork, trust and customer service. We strive every day to improve people's health by giving them access to innovative therapeutic options. We operate transparently and wholeheartedly for the benefit of patients, partners and society at large,

adds the CEO of Medis, Martina Perharič.

Bolder organizational structure for business excellence

Together with the changes in the visual identity, we are also changing the organizational structure of Medis. This year, we established four strategic business units with specialist focus and reliable service that will make an important contribution to Medis' strong growth in key business and therapeutic areas:

  • Medis Therapeutics (Innovative, Specialty, and Orphan Pharmaceuticals), 
  • Medis Consumer Health (OTC pharmaceutical drugs and other CH products), 
  • Medis Hospital Care (Diagnostic program, drugs, supplies and equipment for hospitals and community health centers)
  • Medis Aesthetics (aesthetic medicine products and solutions).

Despite all the changes, our values are still our healthy values: dedication, teamwork, trust and helping people and patients. Every day, we will strive to improve the health of our patients by finding and enabling innovative treatment options in a dedicated and transparent way.