We Maintain the Best Balance Between Development and Risk

We Maintain the Best Balance Between Development and Risk

Erna Slana, Managing Director of the Finance and Accounting Division at Medis

An excellent team and the right vision reflect in the long-term growth of the company and the stability of its business operations. This is why the news that Medis received the AAA Platinum Creditworthiness Certificate of Excellence of the Bisnode Analytic Services did not completely surprise us, but we were very glad of it nevertheless.

The certificate means that Medis belongs to those companies which are a reliable and credible business partner with a low risk level. The latter was confirmed also by Erna Slana, the Managing Director of the Finance and Accounting Division, who believes that this is an above-average statement of the value of Medis.

What does the platinum certificate mean in the “language” of financial business operations?

The Bisnode Analytic Services have a year-long tradition of awarding certificates. They classify successful business subjects into high class of creditworthiness excellence (A), higher class (AA) and the highest class (AAA). In the highest class there are golden and platinum creditworthiness excellence. After three consecutive years of the highest golden creditworthiness, the company receives the Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence. We can truly be proud recipients of the certificate which is in 19 European countries awarded by the Bisnode Analytic Services.

By receiving the Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence, Medis belongs to the 1.5% of the most successful, financially stable and reliable companies in Slovenia. What can we attribute this to?

The award as a result of long-term good work and stable business operations means that we are a reliable business partner with good references. It is not so much the profitability of our company that is important, but its financial strength. Cooperation with Medis also means low risk for our partners.

The fact that we are among the 1.5% of Slovenian companies with Platinum Creditworthiness Excellence is further proof that we do quality work. This is followed by the entire company, because we strive to exercise due diligence, have all our obligations settled, and at the same time be able to handle short-term current assets.

In ten years, Medis will have an important place in the wider international environment. Through hard and recognizable work, we will strive to ensure that everyone who needs the medicine will also get it.

What does the received award mean to you?

I would like to tell all my colleagues at Medis that the recognition is the result of our joint and development-oriented work. The award confirms that we work in a safe company. This obliges us to continue conducting business well and responsibly in the future as well. Nothing can be taken for granted and we must strive for good results all the time. When you are at the top, you have to work even harder to stay there, and this can only be achieved with excellent work and constant development.

We have healthy finances, good development strategies and a clear vision which guide and direct us to be even better. This requires a well-coordinated team consisting of management and trained and motivated employees. In healthy business, it is crucial to maintain balance between development and risk. I believe this is the right path. In these uncertain times it is also important to be prepared for potential challenges and a financial crisis.

Do you already have new short-term goals for Medis?

We have reached the highest level, we have excellent financial indicators and our primary goal is to maintain them. I have never doubted we would be the best, and we have been for many years now! We have the right level of business diversification that brings financial strength. With all this, it is crucial that we are constantly educating ourselves, which is the task of every employee. This is our responsibility, because by educating ourselves, we grow and consequently also contribute to better business operations of the company. We perform our tasks faster, better and with less effort, we know how to negotiate better.

We are constantly introducing modern technologies in the company which we combine with better informing of the expert public, as well as with better and more comprehensive financial planning. With modern tools we are constantly improving our processes and making sure that we are in step with digitalization. We will continue taking care of healthy finances in the future, our goal is to stay on top and this is by no means self-evident. Therefore, we will continue working with excellence.

And where will Medis be in 10 years?

In ten years, Medis will have an important place in the wider international environment. Through hard and recognizable work, we will strive to ensure that everyone who needs the medicine will also get it. We will develop and co-create the future in pharmacy and medicine. We have the resources and opportunities to conduct business on an even larger scale and with greater international visibility. Of course, we will also be a financially bigger and stronger company.

In 2020, Torreya, a global investment bank, financially ranked our company Medis in the 640th place from 1000 global pharmaceutical companies, and as high as 15th place in the Eastern Europe. In the next ten years, there is definitely room for another 100 job positions.

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